Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)
Touristic Visa

What is the validity of the tourist visa?

The visa is valid 30 days after entering Cuba.

If I do not will leave for my journey the visa remains valid?
Yes, the visa remains valid until the passport entered for the visa is valid for entry into the country.

What should I do if my stay lasts longer than 30 days?
In case your stay lasts longer than 30 days you must go to the immigration office in Cuba and request a visa extension at a cost of CUC 25.

Does the visa entitle me to multiple entries over the 30 days?
No, the visa is valid for a single entry.

Is the visa valid for travel from the United States?
There is no legislation in this area, but we do not guarantee boarding: the airline might oblige you to buy a new visa at the airport.

Can I cancel my visa?
No, the visa being nominal, once issued is no longer repayable.
Medical-luggage insurance

What is the validity of the medical insurance?
The insurance has a maximum validity of 90 days.

Is it mandatory to indicate the date of return?
Yes, if you book a round trip flight, it is mandatory to indicate both dates. The insurance company may require air tickets, and in the event of a "non-correspondence" between the dates stipulated and the ticket may not validate your policy.

Can I cancel the insurance policy?
It is possible to cancel the policy until the last working day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) before the departure date. In this case, however, will be retained agency fees.

Does it include flight cancellation?
No, insurance covers only medical expenses and expenses related to theft or loss of luggage.

Is it possible to unbundle the baggage insurance?
No, insurance has a flat rate and you can not unbundle your types of policies; If you wish to custom quotes please write to

Is there a franchise?
Yes, the franchise is equal to € 50 for all three packages, subject to authorization by the operating center.

If I did not have enough money to pay for medical expenses?
The insurance will contact directly at the facility you are undergoing medical treatment and will pay your expenses directly.

Does the policy only cover trips to Cuba?
No, our insurance covers medical expenses all over the world, but the ceilings are closely tied to the cost of Cuban medical expenses.